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QByteArray Touchpad::cornerButtons [read, write]

The mouse buttons triggered by tapping the touchpad corner.

This property has four elements, interpreted as follows:

  • index 0: Top right corner
  • index 1: Bottom right corner
  • index 2: Top left corner
  • index 3: Bottom left corner

Each element is a numeric value of a mouse button. These are excatly the same the xserver sends to client applications, and that you can monitor with tools like xev. The following values are the most interesting:

  • value 1: Left mouse button
  • value 2: Middle mouse button
  • value 3: Right mouse button

A value of 0 disables any special button set for the corresponding corner. Tapping this corner will be interpreted according to the fingerButtons setting.

For instance, the list (3, 0, 2, 0) will have the following effects:

  • Tapping the top right corner is like pressing the right mouse button.
  • Tapping the top left corner is like pressing the middle mouse button
  • When tapping any of the bottom corners, nothing special will happen.
See also:
setCornerButtons(const QByteArray&)
cornerButtons() const

Definition at line 465 of file touchpad.h.

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